What’s New: NuovoPay January 2021 Product Updates

We’ve kick-started the new year by extending new updates to NuovoPay. In the month of January, our team was able to crack it up a notch by introducing new capabilities that can streamline the device financing endeavour for telecom carriers and device financing companies.

NuovoPay January 2021 Product Updates
January 2021 Product Updates

Here’s a glimpse into the newly launched features of NuovoPay:

New and Improved Offline Page

One of the prime capabilities of NuovoPay is offline device locking. When a device payment is defaulted, the access to the same can be remotely blocked even if the device is offline and no longer connected to the internet network.

To enhance the experience of offline locking, NuovoPay has now introduced an improved offline page. This page displays all the options and settings configured on the NuovoPay dashboard before the device went offline. 

Operator Locking

NuovoPay already offers SIM-based locking where devices are locked if the SIM card is removed from the device. This is to ensure telecom operator loyalty and customer retention for financed devices. Taking into account the need to swap phone numbers or SIM cards for certain use-cases, we have now introduced Operator locking.

Using this feature, the device will be locked to a particular operator’s SIM cards instead of a single SIM card. You can now enter the Operator SIM identifier ( MMC+MNC) details on the dashboard against a device and the device user can swap between the cards provided by the selected operator. Enabling this feature will whitelist given partial SIM IMSI or ICCID for SIM lock feature and you can define patterns for SIM locking and SIM series usage. 

Extensive Privacy Controls

To ensure end-user data privacy, dashboard admins can now enable or disable the collection of sensitive information from the financed devices. These settings can be configured while enrolling new devices from the Enrollment settings of the NuovoPay dashboard. If the settings are enabled then NuovoPay will allow enrollment of devices which have a SIM card present in primary or secondary SIM Slot. If the settings are disabled then a device can be enrolled without a SIM card. 

Offline Credit Extension with Nuovo Club Page

There are certain device financing scenarios and deployments where the NuovoPay icon is displayed on the home screen and is visible to the end-user. For such deployments, the end-users can now see a new tab next to the Payment Reminders and track their EMI payment logs. They can have a look at the upcoming payments with EMI calendar and make payments in advance. 

Users can also enter offline unlock codes for payments that have already been made and extend their lock dates.

Enhancements to the Devices Section 

Keeping  a close eye on the financed device inventory is essential Now, you can keep track of unsuccessful device enrollments in the device section of the NuovoPay dashboard. You can filter the device list where the enrollment failed or is incomplete. 

Updates to the Enrollment Section

The enrollment flow has now been modified to handle the empty IMEI and serial number cases arising due to Samsung OS10 devices with Knox Enrollment. Admins will be displayed corresponding error messages to understand the enrollment errors.

For re-enrolling the devices that had failed enrollment in the past due to SIM enforcement or unregistered devices, end-users need not factory reset the device. You can modify the settings and end-users can enter the enrollment by scanning the QR code.

New Changes to Payment Reminders

More placeholders are now made available to the Payment Reminder templates. You can now configure the first lock date, next lock date, device IMEI number, device serial number and device name placeholders before automating the payment reminders. 

Enhanced Protection for Samsung Knox devices

For Samsung Knox devices financed by locking under NuovoPay, end-users will be disabled from installing any third-party application on their devices. This feature ensures protection against potential data leak and escape from the lock mode. 

The new and improved NuovoPay features are all set to enhance your device financing experience. Explore the new features today, check out https://app.nuovopay.com/.

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